Let's start at the end...


We have chosen to take an inverse path, starting with that factor which is perceived only at the end of the process but which is the most important for us: your satisfaction. The satisfaction of all those national and international customers who have chosen us and trusted us in these over 30 years of activity...

Each of our customers has unique transport needs: the design, production and technical support we offer are designed to ensure unique individual solutions.

It is a great responsibility for us and we face it day after day with pride and passion, key values that represent a principle that guides us in everything we do.

An almost forgotten word


CAREFULNESS: as per dictionary s. f. [der. of shrewd]. - Being careful; insightful, astute in the sense of prudent and provident.

We make this definition our working principle, the one around which the entire company revolves and which we want to be inherent in the entire company process.

We adopt shrewdness for the trust that the customer places in us when he trusts us, shrewdness in design and material choices, shrewdness in the attention to detail, shrewdness for the environment, shrewdness to meet the needs of the market.

The result: a guarantee

We like to think, design and implement innovative solutions that integrate with your transport needs. Solutions aimed at companies, distributors, OEMs who need to transport any type of goods at a controlled temperature, according to current regulations and in total safety and efficiency.

Our goal is to guarantee the excellence of the result in the long term. This means delivering a product that exceeds the highest quality standards and makes solidity, resistance and reliability its distinctive features.

We are excited to put at your disposal the know-how acquired in (over) 30 years of experience in the sector, to help you achieve ambitious goals.

Controlled supply chain

Experience at the service of innovation

The experience and continuous improvement of processes have made it possible to digitize production planning, introducing management systems including a product TCE (Tender Configuration Engine) configurator and a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system for monitoring factory activities.

*Through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), operation analysts can identify the K.P.I. on which Isokit builds its innovation strategy, real-time control of the supply of raw materials, the availability of products and the progress of work cycles, in order to create fluid and flexible processes, capable of adapting to ETO (Engineer- To Order).